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Instagram coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners.

This is for you if...

You know you need to increase your presence on social media.

You want to manage your own Instagram account rather than outsource it to a social media manager or agency.

You want to increase exposure and get more sales or inquiries from Instagram.

You have no or little experience of Instagram and need to learn the basics as well as how to market your business.

You already have an Instagram account for your business but you're posting content only to hear nothing from potential clients or customers.


How to clearly identify your target audience and write an effective bio.

How to formulate a hashtag strategy to get your content seen by your potential customers.

How to plan your content and create a feed that provides value to your audience.

How to target potential customers in certain geographical locations or demographics.

How to increase your engagement rate. 

How to review and interpret insights and analytics.

How to use Instagram stories to engage your audience and provide value.

Coaching starting at $70

Do you own a business and want to market it on Instagram?  Do you like managing your own social media account and don't want to have to outsource to a social media manager or agency?

I will teach you how to upscale your Instagram account and maximise your sales potential, by coaching you on the following...

Do you own a business and know Instagram is where your ideal client is hanging out but you don't understand

how to use it effectively?

Do you need help setting up your Instagram account?  Or is there something in particular that you want help with?  I offer packages tailored to your needs.  Reach out and we can discuss.

Love from my clients

I was stuck around the same number for so long and Sophie implemented strategies to grow my Instagram account with real followers who actively engage with my content. Highly recommend!


Mr K.


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